Turbo Trek

Product Details:

Overall Dimensions: 31’ w x 32’ d x 12’ h Weight: 4,905 lbs
Color: White PVC, Blue Accents
Tower 1: 5’ x 9’
Deck Heights: 5’, 7’
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Vinyl
Tower 2: 5’ x 9’
Deck Heights: 3’, 5’
Roof: 5’ x 9’ Double Vinyl
Access: ADA Transfer Station, Flat Step Access Ladder with Access Railing, 12’ Ramp with Rails
Climber: 3’ Rock Wall, 6’ ADA Monkey Bar
Connector: 8’ Bridge with Railing
Slides: 7’ Sidewinder Slide, 7’ Turbo Twister Slide, 5’ Turbo Twister Slide,
10’ Avalanche Slide, 3’ Tunnel Express Slide
Fun Items: Fire Pole 7’, Bubble Panel


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