8 X 14 outdoor dog kennel with two boxes by Backyard Escapes

Tips for Buying an Outdoor Dog Kennel

When you’re looking to provide your family’s four-legged friend (or friends) with an outdoor living space all their own, premium pre-built outdoor dog kennels are an excellent solution. Keep Fluffy and Fido safe when you’re busy and cannot supervise them without locking them away in a cramped crate in your spare bedroom!

Here at Backyard Escapes, our outdoor dog kennels are ready to be customized with a host of high-quality options that both you and your pooch will appreciate. But, how do you sort between the features that are “nice to have” and those you actually need in order to keep your dog comfortable and safe outdoors? And how big of a kennel does your pup require?

Today’s blog post offers a few of our biggest tips on how to shop for outdoor dog kennels. We’ll also take a look at considerations you’ll want to make when thinking about a dog kennel’s placement on your property. Continue reading Tips for Buying an Outdoor Dog Kennel

Cubby's Fort

How to Easily Maintain Your Wood Playset

When you invest in your child’s outdoor playtime by purchasing a wood playset, you want to make sure it lasts for a long time. By buying a playset from a reputable manufacturer who ensures safety standards on their products, you’re already on your way to providing safe, long-lasting playtime.

Luckily, wood playsets require little maintenance, but there are some routine safety checks and cleaning you should do to ensure your backyard playset is safe and clean for your children and grandchildren. For example, safety checks for loose bolts or pinch points should occur several times a year, and more often when your children use it frequently. You should also clean the playset at the beginning and end of the outdoor playtime season.

Keep reading to learn a few more of our tried-and-true ways to maintain your wood playset and to keep it as safe as possible for your children!
Continue reading How to Easily Maintain Your Wood Playset

Front View of The Eclipse Vinyl Swingset

How You Can Start Encouraging Kids to Play Outside

As technology gets more intertwined in our lives, it can sometimes be challenging to inspire children to get off their screens and play outside. Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers may wonder what they can do to encourage kids to play outside. Spending time outdoors has many benefits to children and adults alike, like getting fresh air and encouraging use of the imagination. There are many ways people can be encouraging kids to play outside, including water activities, blowing bubbles, installing a playset, and more. Continue reading How You Can Start Encouraging Kids to Play Outside

Teddy's Tower

Can a Playset Add Value to My Home?

When it comes to adding playsets to your property, you may be wondering, “how can a playset add value to my home?” Well, the truth is that it won’t add much value, but with the right types of playsets, you can reap many benefits to having one on your property. While some playsets can detract value, such as old, dilapidated ones, purchasing a high-quality playset can increase the likelihood of a buyer being interested in your property. Continue reading Can a Playset Add Value to My Home?

Children playing happily on the Shooting Star wooden playset

The Savvy Parent’s Playset Buying Guide

With fewer options for play beyond your backyard these days, kids need a fun place right at home that’s just for them. A backyard playset will allow your kids or grandkids to expend their energy, have fun, and develop important physical and social skills while they’re at it. Our Backyard Escapes playset buying guide is here to make purchasing that high-quality swing set structure easy.

Read on to discover the most significant things you should consider when shopping for a new backyard playset, and discover why Backyard Escapes should be your first—and only—stop when buying a swing set structure! Continue reading The Savvy Parent’s Playset Buying Guide

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